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I encourage you to forward links to my website through your social networks and contacts. Any written material copied-and-pasted from this site for electronic, non-commercial distribution, should bear my byline and a link to the page on my site from whence it came. Copying my written material without attribution, or claiming it as your own or anyone else's work (it isn't), is strictly prohibited and in seriously poor taste. Copying, forwarding, printing, or any other reproduction of my photographic images is strictly prohibited. Your professor has Google. He'll find this site. Have fun with that.


Any of the writing found on my website may be read on-air, so long as it is clearly identified as my original work, and you mention the website on-air as well. I used to work in radio, and have a good on-air presence--contact me, and I'll gladly read/record my material for your program!


Contact me about prose/photo reproduction rights, based on the going rate for freelance work in your sector. Terms will include running my byline and a link to my website...and I may be glad to edit/expand any piece to fit your publication's needs. Let me know!


I'll gladly read my work on your program, appear on your show, etc. Contact me with your specific needs and ideas.

All Other Reproduction of Site Materials

Reproduction rights are generally granted for non-commercial (meaning personal, educational, non-profit-generating) use of the writing found on this site. Profit-generating and other commercial use is prohibited except by written permission. Reproduction and any use of images from this site is strictly prohibited except by written permission. Write me for more information, and to inquire about obtaining rights.


I report on sports, travel, and local news. I'll cover anything, anytime, anywhere. Let me know how I can serve your publication.


My fine art photography is on permenant display at Cuban Pete's in Montclair, NJ, and is represented in numerous private collections. I do commercial, documentary, fine art, and other photography by commission.

Creative Writing
Petronas Towers

I write commissioned biographies and other works of any length (from short narratives to full length books), and have several book-length manuscripts currently under consideration.

“The author's love for the game comes through in force.”
-Writer's Digest

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