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Paintball...and More

While I specialize in paintball photography, I cover all manner of sports--baseball, golf, football, running...if you compete in it, train in it, or just love doing it, I can capture stunning images of you in action.


If you want to get sponsored, you need to show sponsors who you are, what you do, how you do it...and show them that you will visually represent their brand or company in an effective and positive way. Every sponsorship proposal needs hi-quality photography to illustrate your point...and I've done that for teams and players for years.

Portfolios and Scrapbooks

I will discuss your interests and needs for the shoot, and then focus our time getting the poses, compositions, and look you want. These photos will be perfect for portfolios or scrapbooks, ready for sports cards or press releases...or just to show you in your element.

Learn more about hiring me to shoot your team, tournament, publicity shots etc.

Portfolio Shots                    Creative Compositions Ready For Layout


I report on sports, travel, and local news. I'll cover anything, anytime, anywhere. Let me know how I can serve your publication.


My fine art photography is on permenant display at Cuban Pete's in Montclair, NJ, and is represented in numerous private collections. I do commercial, documentary, fine art, and other photography by commission.

Creative Writing
Petronas Towers

I write commissioned biographies and other works of any length (from short narratives to full length books), and have several book-length manuscripts currently under consideration.

“The author's love for the game comes through in force.”
-Writer's Digest

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