White River Junctions

Glory Days of the Railroad

This is the story of White River Junction from the mid-1800's, through its dramatic rise as a center of commerce and influence, to its decline and re-emergence in the last ten years as a funky art town.

The story of White River Junction is the story of small railroad towns across America--built by the railroad booms, they went bust as interstate highways helped pull the country out of the Great Depression. The irony is not lost on the old Boston and Maine rail yard workers interviewed.

The Smith family built one of White River Junction's most influential early-20th century empires. The town's fate is mirrored beautifully in the story of their family's rise and decline...an intriguing element in "White River Junctions."

This creative history looks at the stories of the luckiest building in town, the life story of a centenarian who still performs with his fiddle, and presents the life story of a former state senator.

While buildings give a place its look, the people give it life. "White River Junctions" covers the life stories of four residents, two natives and two transplants, subtly presenting what it means to be a "Vermonter"...or a native of any place. It delves into the history of the Hotel Coolidge, and indulges a freewheeling survey of early-20th century postcards mailed from town, as a unique way of getting to know a place.

By the end, "White River Junctions" covers the history of the buildings, and the people and empires that built them; it presents an exemplar of turn-of-the-previous-century America, and introduces four endearing characters.

...and captures the triumph of new life among the relics of ages gone by.

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