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*Do not contact me with offers to redesign my site, sell me pharmaceuticals, introduce me to local singles, borrow my bank account for a Nigerian prince, tell me I've won any lottery, or with any other offer designed to relieve me of money. It's funny how people think I have any.


I report on sports, travel, and local news. I'll cover anything, anytime, anywhere. Let me know how I can serve your publication.


My fine art photography is on permenant display at Cuban Pete's in Montclair, NJ, and is represented in numerous private collections. I do commercial, documentary, fine art, and other photography by commission.

Creative Writing
Petronas Towers

I write commissioned biographies and other works of any length (from short narratives to full length books), and have several book-length manuscripts currently under consideration.

“The author's love for the game comes through in force.”
-Writer's Digest

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