I'm a widely read author and freelance writer who has written extensive magazine copy, most frequently for paintball magazines. What a fun niche I've enjoyed serving since 2001! I'm an accomplished photographer, fiction writer, and the author of "Following Josh" (f/64 Publishing, 2011), "White River Junctions" (f/64 Publishing, 2011), "A Small Town Celebration" (Blurb, 2010), and the little paintball book that could: "501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics" (Tate Publishing 2008), which has sold thousands of copies from America to Malaysia, England to Africa! My essays and short stories appear somewhat regularly in literary magazines, and if you've been around paintball for very long, you've definitely read my ad copy.

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I grew up in southern Illinois, in the shadow of the St. Louis Arch. While abroad in 1998, I contracted viral wanderlust that has since led me around the world several timesusually in search of doner kebap and local beer. My photos, writing, scars, and tax deductions tell of my trips through Cuba, Borneo, Malaysia, China, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Nepal, Korea, Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Poland, and the Czech Republic. If you live in some other country and would like to show off your homeland, drop me a line and get your couch ready.

I proudly adapt Hunter Thompson's Gonzo Journalism to my needs, and hold his essays and cultural criticism in high regard. "Fear and Loathing" was a great novel, but read his serious stuff and be amazed. My other influences include Lee Gutkind and his approach to creative nonfiction, Gay Talese, Tom Wolfe, and Tom Robbins for his prowess with humor and turns of phrase. If I could write half as well as any of them, I wouldn't need the Buy Me A Beer button on the bottom of this page.

Presently my wife and I live out of our cars, as she finishes medical training via a series of rotations around the country--a unique way to round her education, and comparison-shop various parts of the country where we might like to settle. Instead of paying rent, we buy gas, and between rotations usually don't know where we're going to sleep on any given nightall part of the adventure. It's a golden opportunity for my travel and paintball writing, and provides no end of stories I'll use to bore and annoy future generations.

Half of my advice is designed for my amusement, though I stand behind everything I say--usually looming huge behind what I say, because I'm much larger than Times New Roman 12 point font.

In life as in work, art, and many other things, if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.


I report on sports, travel, and local news. I'll cover anything, anytime, anywhere. Let me know how I can serve your publication.


My fine art photography is on permenant display at Cuban Pete's in Montclair, NJ, and is represented in numerous private collections. I do commercial, documentary, fine art, and other photography by commission.

Creative Writing
Petronas Towers

I write commissioned biographies and other works of any length (from short narratives to full length books), and have several book-length manuscripts currently under consideration.

“The author's love for the game comes through in force.”
-Writer's Digest