Following Josh. f/64 Publishing, 2011.
White River Junctions. f/64 Publishing, 2011.
A Small Town Celebration. Blurb, 2010.
501 Paintball Tips, Tricks, and Tactics. Tate Publishing, 2008.
History Blinked. Keller's Cellars, 2003

Literary Magazines

Dishes by Sunset, (photo) Ad Libitum, Spring 2009 vol 7, pg 21
Aloise, Shoveling, Ad Libitum, Spring 2009 vol 7, pg 17
The Raiders, Woodsmoke, 2007-8, pg32
Bunkhouse Morning, (photo) Woodsmoke, 2007-8, pg32
4th Degree Burn, Stonefence Review, Fall 2004 vol 26 #1, pg 13
Tribulations and Triumphs of a Deer Hunter, Lightnin Ridge, 2004 vol 1 Issue 5, pg43
Coffee Shop, Janus, 2004, pg11
Lasso the Jew--and Other Unintentionally Anti-Semitic Games, Janus, 2004 pg 26
4th Degree Burn,* Janus, 2004 pg55
The Visitor,* Janus, 2004 pg69

Total Publications

Action Pursuit Games: 334+ (counting only 2003-2008)
Clarion Journal: 110+
Jungle: 50+ 39
Paintball News: 18
Paintball Magazine: 48
Paintball Sports: 14
Face-Full: 5
Monroe County Independent: 5
Paintball 2 Xtremes: 5
Janus: 4
NH ToDo Magazine: 3
Woodsmoke: 2
Ad Libitum: 2 1

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2009 Publications

Barrack Obama as Gun Salesman of the Year, May 13, 2009
America's National Aeronautics and Space Administration, May 11, 2009
Reading the Super Bowl Ads, February 24, 2009
Curiously Concerned over Benjamin Button's Case, January 31, 2009
Why Mumbai? Why Not?, January 26, 2009
Enemy of my Enemy, January 14, 2009
Pakistan-Kashmir-India...Violence, Religion, and the Himalayas, January 12, 2009
The People in my Hostel, January 10, 2009

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