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If I told you these stories in a bar, I hope you'd pick up the next round. I'm a modern minstrel with a Tom Wolfe complex, dancing for peanuts while dreaming of Broadway. If you wanted the news, you'd go to the New York Times site...but you're here, and I'm quite glad about it. Hopefully you came to be entertained, which is mostly why I built the site--that and because it's fun to Google yourself at parties and I wanted to be sure I found something good.

So if I entertained you, taught you something or made you think, buy me a drink--$2.50 through PayPal, where you can use any major credit card. I tip waiters more for bad service (not much more, and usually in pennies), but suspect that if you're on this page, you enjoyed the site I built for you. Thanks for visiting.

If you don't like what you see, that's fine--tell me why. If you really strike a nerve, I'll print your email, burn it, and fire the ashes from a canon into the sunset ala my Master's Thesis in 2006.


I report on sports, travel, and local news. I'll cover anything, anytime, anywhere. Let me know how I can serve your publication.


My fine art photography is on permenant display at Cuban Pete's in Montclair, NJ, and is represented in numerous private collections. I do commercial, documentary, fine art, and other photography by commission.

Creative Writing
Petronas Towers

I write commissioned biographies and other works of any length (from short narratives to full length books), and have several book-length manuscripts currently under consideration.

“The author's love for the game comes through in force.”
-Writer's Digest

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